YOUNGSVILLE, LA. (KLFY) — Two women brought their passion to the council race in Youngsville, vying for the opportunity to represent Youngsville’s City Council Division A.  Kayla Menard Reaux won the election in Youngsville, according to unofficial results from the Louisiana Secretary of State Office.    

  • Patricia Lanier (R) — 47.7% (783 votes)
  • Kayla Menard Reaux (R) — 52.3% (857 votes)

Kayla Menard Reaux won by 74 votes and said she is excited to work for the people of Youngsville. Both women brought their passion to the race with the goal of making  Youngsville a better place for all residents.  The seat is currently being held by Simone Champagne who was appointed to serve out the remaining term of Jamison Abshire when he resign in January, after taking a position with Lafayette Consolidated Government with the Department of Parks and Recreation.

My slogan is ‘Geaux with Reaux’ and I want the citizens of Youngsville to know that I am here for them, and I will always be a voice,” Kayla Menard Reaux said.

There’s nothing like Youngsville. Youngsville is a one-of-a-kind city and it’s so important to me in my heart. How important are the people that live here are; how important the people that own their businesses are to us,” Menard Reaux stated.