Young voters hope their first-time votes have an impact in this year’s election

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(KLFY)- The 2020 election is shaping up to be a historic event with young voters taking their voices to the polls.

“Police brutality is a big issue for me, just racism as a whole.”

“I think division because that applies to COVID, applies to racism. Our country is so divided.”

“Probably division, you can see it in every disagreement. It’s leaking into Congress.”

As some young voters take to the polls for the first time, many say they want a candidate who can lead them into a better future.

“I want their main priority to be me as an American citizen.”

“Someone that can unite the country and a strong leader.”

First time voters say they hope their generation can persuade others to vote and make their own voices heard at the polls.

“It’s so important. It’s how you make decisions.”

“I hope it represents my generation coming into their own.”

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