UPDATE, 10/18, 1:30 p.m.: The St. Martin Parish Clerk of Court’s office has confirmed that the election has been certified as a tie.

One of the candidates would have to ask for a recount for one to be performed but neither did, officials said.

As a result, the election will be re-run as part of the Gubernatorial General Election on Nov. 18.

ORIGINAL STORY: ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) — The St. Martin Parish Council District 1 election between Republicans Byron Fuselier and Hoyt Louviere resulted in a tie at 899 votes for each candidate.

St. Martin Parish Clerk of Court Becky Patin says she has never seen a race go to a tie like this in all of her years in the position. She says a recount is necessary.

“Everything came out perfectly. There was no discrepancy or anything,” said Patin.

When votes came in Saturday, Patin says her entire department was shocked by the results for the race. If everything is accurate after the recount is done, then a runoff will ensue.

“If the numbers are still 899 to 899, we’ll have a runoff on November 18th,” she said.

Patin says voter turnout in the parish this year was lower than anticipated at only 44 percent. She advises everyone to get out and vote, come early voting and election night in November.

“That is your only right you have to do is go out there, and cast your ballot of who you want to vote for,” Patin said.

Patin says parish election officials are going to do the recount on Oct. 17 to determine the next step moving forward.

Early voting starts on November 3 and lasts until Nov. 11. The election date for runoffs will be on Nov. 18.