IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) —Elections are this Saturday, and with candidates continuing to lobby for office, there are multiple tax propositions in Acadiana looking to be passed as well.

Both New Iberia and Delcambre have major taxes they are looking to pass in order to improve each community. In an attempt to improve the city streets throughout the city, New Iberia Mayor Freddie Decourt is continuing to lobby for a proposed millage tax to raise the funds for the necessary upgrades.

In 2022, a reallocated road tax was proposed at elections, but it failed to pass by a small margin. Since then, Mayor Decourt has made it a mission to remind residents why getting this millage tax in is so important. If passed the city would levy a special tax of 6.83 mills (the tax) on all property subject to taxation in the city for up to 20 years. It would raise over $1.3 million in one year for road improvements, construction and repairs.

“I think that finally people are realizing that it is not a new tax burden,” Decourt said. “We will pay off a millage and bring that millage right back. It is not going to cost any additional dollars to have millions of dollars to continue with our road work.”

Along with the millage tax proposed, the town of Delcambre will have a sales tax on the ballots come Saturday proposed for businesses to bring funds to the police department for more upgrades. It would last up to 10 years and would raise over $300,000 every year. Delcambre Mayor Pam Blakely said passing this tax would be necessary to give the town’s police department the recourses it needs.

“If we pass this tax, everybody could pitch in and help out our community and could help us move forward in an awesome way,” Blakely said.

As a police officer in Delcambre, Captain Perry Shaw gave some insight on how vital it would be for this to be passed not only to enhance the department but to maintain what has already been built.

“It could help purchase new vehicles, equipment, [and] radios. It would also help us retain qualified personnel within the department [and] bring some raises with that too.”

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