YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY) — Residents have been coming in and out of polling places like the one behind me to cast their ballots. The candidates, Patricia Lanier and Kayla Menard Reaux. Both women have different visions for Youngsville.

“My slogan is ‘Geaux with Reaux’ and I want the citizens of Youngsville to know that I am here for them, and I will always be a voice,” Kayla Menard Reaux said.

“We’re entering our nine months of campaigning; it’s been wonderful. It’s been a great experience,” Lanier stated.

Both women candidates are running for Youngsville City Council Division A.

Menard Reaux, stated she wants to tackle drainage issues, fire and safety and parks and recreation.

“You matter, we’re going to fight for you. We hear what you are saying. We know the things that are of concern and we’re addressing it,” Menard Reaux said.

Lainer said, she brings her ability to strategically along with her business expertise to the race.

She wants to continue the growth in Youngsville and focus on quality of life issues and economic business.

“I serve on the Chambers of Commerce Economic team and we’re having these types of conversations of how we go about taking what we have and promoting it out there to bring in business that will kind of diversify our economy and offer some different service to our citizens,” Lanier said. 

Both candidates are passionate about this race. There’s nothing like Youngsville. Youngsville is a one-of-a-kind city and it’s so important to me in my heart. How important are the people that live here are; how important the people that own their businesses are to us,” Menard Reaux stated.

“I feel like I am exactly called to make a difference and the great thing about all those skills that I have is  I believe that they can help me to make a difference,” Lanier said

Youngsville is home to both candidates, and they said if elected it would be a dream come true.