Candidates were given sixty seconds to respond… and those responses were often adversarial.

The candidates’ answers weren’t much different on topics, like a ban on flavored e-cigarettes and background checks for gun sales.

All three consider themselves pro-life and said they wouldn’t support rape or incest exceptions to the current Louisiana abortion bill.

Taxes and budget issues drew the most heated debate.

Asked if the contenders would support funding tops at its current level…

Edwards pointed out that he believes Louisiana’s economy is growing and, under his administration, the state has managed to turn a two-billion-dollar deficit into a surplus.

Abraham emphasized that he wants to create jobs and not increase taxes.

Rispone stood firm on his platform of being a businessman and said he would tackle the budget from a business standpoint.

He said he believes Louisiana has a spending problem and would work to see that tax dollars are spent where they should be.