LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– The three Lafayette mayor-president candidates face off in a candidate forum Thursday evening.

Incumbent Josh Guillory and challengers Jan Swift and Monique Blanco Boulet let voters know where they stand on important issues.

The three biggest topics were crime, government funds and bringing together the north and south side of Lafayette. All three candidate promise to focus on the youth to reduce crime, bring in affordable housing and close the gap between upper and lower Lafayette.

Both Boulet and Swift also made jabs at Guillory. Both believe Lafayette is ready for new leadership.

“I’m excited to get to January and to move forward to clean up the mess at city hall and move forward and do great things with Lafayette parish,” Boulet said. “I think it can be done simple, honest, without all the extra drama that we have today. So that’s why I got in. I think we have a vulnerable situation, and we need new leadership. I think most of the people in Lafayette Parish agree with that.”

Swift chaired the Protect the City Committee and said it’s nearly impossible get information from Guillory’s administration.

“I want to see our tax dollars spent well, but I want to see every person have a voice. Right now, we don’t, and I’m going to bring that,” Swift told News 10. “I’m here as a change agent for this election. We’re here in north Lafayette, but I want to see everybody in Lafayette, city and parish, represented. We don’t have that now. I’m bringing that change. People are not happy with what’s going on.”

Guillory said he is transparent and has accomplished everything he promised the Lafayette community, adding he wants to continue that progress.

“Hey look, we’re an administration of action,” Guillory said. “We stand on our record. If you look four years ago when we ran, we ran on draining. We ran on roads. We ran on our economy. We ran on diversifying our economy and public safety, and we’ve done all that. Anybody can run for office and give platitudes and vagueness, but specifics are what people deserve, and that’s what we’ve delivered.”

Other candidates also faced off in the candidate forum, including candidates for Lafayette Parish School Board Districts 3 and 4, Lafayette City Council District 1 and 5, Lafayette Parish Council District 5, State Senator District 24 and State Representative District 44.

Election day is October 14.