VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) — Rhonda Butler has retained her seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives after her opponent in the Oct. 14 election has been disqualified.

Two voters in Evangeline Parish, Gwen Fontenot and Renee Brown, challenged Todd McKellar’s eligibility to run in the Oct. 14 election, and requested a hearing before the 13th Judicial District Court. That challenge was upheld on Wednesday.

According to the challenge filed with the 13th Judicial District Court, McKellar has only been living in District 38 since March or April 2023, five to six months short of the residency requirement.

McKellar, who registered as a candidate for the La. House seat on Aug. 8, listed 27 Science Hill Cemetery Road in Glenmora as his address on the Secretary of State website.

Now unopposed, Butler (R-Ville Platte) will serve a second term as State Rep. from District 38. She was elected with a 60% majority, defeating two Democratic candidates, in the primary election on Oct. 12, 2019.