LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A controversial social media post by a school board candidate has Lafayette residents looking for answers.

In Lafayette, residents are hoping to receive answers from school board candidate Holly Sanders, as to reasoning behind controversial comments she made on social media.

Community activist Shauna Sias says she was sent messages by parents in Lafayette regarding the tweet. Sias says one post referenced Black History Month, saying it is nothing more than 28 days of screaming victim.

“It was past upsetting it was insulting. Holly made that post in February. I can understand if this was made back in the 60s or the 70s. Not that that would make it right, but I would understand,” said Sias. “Being that black people are in the predicament that they are right now, and your running for school board office? Absolutely not.”

Sias says after seeing the post and hearing the feelings of families that read it, she felt the need to speak out.

After reposting Sanders’ statements on social media, Sias says she received comment from Sanders but found the responses weren’t enough.

“She let me know that black folks can and have made contributions to America, I’m aware of that. And it’s not that we’re crying victim. It’s the same thing that we teach children, it’s positive reinforcement. Letting us know that what we’ve done was important,” said Sias.

Sanders addressed the controversial previous tweet and explained what she intended it to mean.

“I am an advocate for equality, and the proof is found on my Social Media throughout the years.
My tweet was regarding a full month of every possible outlet pushing a narrative that is painful to watch. More focus should be placed on the positive accomplishments and achievements rather than pain of the past that must be forgiven and never repeated,” said Sanders.

“The irony is that I am being targeted, attacked and bullied online by a person who has an Anti-Bully /Non Profit Org. and a record,” Sanders said. “In a recent FB post she boastfully commented ‘and push up my earnings, so let him engage.’ Race baiting to gain followers and profit is pretty low. A beloved local artist lost his job as a paramedic due to these attacks.”

Sias says she is not looking for Sanders to back out of the election, she is simply looking for a response to Sanders’ comments before residents enter the polls.

“That lady has absolutely qualified to run. I would like Holly to actually sit down and tell me how she feels about Black History Month,” said Sias. “Do you still feel to this day that it is still 28 days of us whining and crying victim? And if you do feel that way, what exactly we’re we crying victim about?”

“I pray that God finds his way into the hearts of those that set out to target and disrupt the lives of others,” Sanders said.