BATON ROUGE, La. (KLFY) — Three of the four proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution were approved, and one was rejected by voters, in the Nov. 18 election.

Here are the results, winners in bold:

Amendment 1 – To clarify when the legislature can take up vetoed bills when they have begun a different session from which the bill originated.

  • Yes- 61%
  • No- 39%

Amendment 2 – Cleaning up empty or unused funds from the state constitution.

  • Yes- 55%
  • No- 45%

Amendment 3 – Creates an additional property tax exemption for first responders.

  • Yes- 53%
  • No- 47%

Amendment 4 – Placing strict parameters on when the legislature can use the state’s Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund.

  • Yes- 44%
  • No- 56%

Election Results

Results are complete but unofficial until certified by the Secretary of State.