LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A recent poll suggests Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory is vulnerable in the Oct. 14 elections.

The poll, conducted Aug. 5-7 by New York research firm McLaughlin and Associates and commissioned by the Jan Swift campaign for Mayor-President, showed Guillory characterized as “unfavorable” by 51% of those polled.

The survey involved 300 likely Oct. 14 primary election voters in Lafayette Parish.

According to the poll, Guillory is viewed in a negative light both politically and personally. On a ballot test, Guillory received 33% of the vote, far from the 50% threshold considered standard for strong incumbents, according to pollsters. Challengers Swift and Monique Blanco Boulet both received 22% with another 24% undecided.

61% of undecided voters rated Guillory “unfavorable,” according to the poll.

When asked about Guillory’s policies and priorities as Mayor-President, 61% of voters said they wanted to move away from his agenda and bring more transparency and accountability.

38% of voters in the poll said Guillory is “honest and trustworthy,” with 51% disagreeing.

The poll was taken using live telephone calls and text messages. Interview selections were random and were sorted by precinct, race/ethnicity, age, gender and political party registration to correlate with voter turnout from previous elections.

The poll has an accuracy of +/- 5.7% at a 95% confidence level, according to the polling firm.