LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory’s attempt to force opponent Monique Blanco Boulet to stop accusing him of corruption has failed.

On Wednesday, 15th Judicial District Court Judge Thomas Frederick denied an injunction Guillory sought. Guillory had filed for a temporary injunction in September, which Frederick also denied.

The injunction was requested by Guillory against Boulet on the basis of corruption claims by Boulet in campaign ads in television and other media.

“For the last year we’ve had a campaign of bullying, threats and intimidation and today our current mayor-president tried to silence me, tried taking our freedom of speech away,” said Boulet. “The judge ruled against any kind of restraint and we are going to go forward.”

Boulet’s campaign also released a statement on her campaign website continuing her corruption claims.

“Josh sees government as a tool for personal enrichment to carry out corrupt acts, not as a tool to make our communities better. Josh’s well known acts of corruption include the unlawful taking of private property, using police officers as personal drivers, violating bid laws to advantage his friends and donors, and more,” said Boulet.

Guillory released a statement shortly after the hearing about the court’s ruling.

“Today is a great day in Lafayette! The judge ruled you can say whatever you want in a political ad, but when put under oath, Monique Blanco admitted there was zero evidence of any crime and zero evidence of corruption by myself or my administration,” said Guillory.

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