ONE-ON-ONE: Interview with governor candidate Eddie Rispone

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The October election is just about three weeks away. The first gubernatorial debate is tomorrow. As the race for governor heats up, News Ten is profiling the candidates.

Lora Lavigne has a one-on-one with Republican Eddie Rispone.

The life-long Louisianan and conservative prides himself on being the outsider. He’s a businessman with skills, he states,  will bring a different strategy the state needs.

“I just got to the point I can’t sleep at night. I was debating John Bel Edwards. I said we’re last and there’s no where else to go,” said Eddie Rispone.

His very vocal campaign in TV ads is now taking a seat at the table to discuss hard hitting issues he hopes to tackle if governor-elect.

“Lawsuit abuse has to go away, taxes have to be competitive, all those things to fix that, then you have to have an education system to fill those jobs with our citizens,” said Rispone.

It was faith that led him to run. he beleives s it’s his skills as a businessman that will get him the job. ” I’d go to work with goals in mind to be efficient, be effective, know where we stand, know where we spending our dollars. We can do that. That’s what you learn in business,” he added.

The plan he has drafted includes provisions on taxes, spending, state employee protections, medicaid money management and education.

“This is someone that’s actually recruited, educated and trained thousands of people. That’s been involved in vocational training, that’s been involved in K-12 training and higher ed.”

A major issue he’s also focused on is trial lawyers and automobile insurance.

“Completely being ignored until now. Did you hear anything about that? I’m going to make that so public that we’re going to fix it. Then we’re going to go after this lawsuit abuse. It’s killing jobs in the logging industry, in the heavy hauling industry and the farmers. They’re paying incredible amounts,” said Rispone.

Although this is a completely different arena for the wealthy industrial contractor, he beleives he’s the perfect fit.

“That’s what it’s going to take. I’m the only candidate that fits the bill.”

Rispone collected $147,000 dollars from donors and supporters this summer for his campaign.

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