ONE-ON-ONE: Governor Candidate Ralph Abraham discusses race

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The October election is just about three weeks away and the race for governor is heating up. The three major candidates are making their pitches throughout the state. That includes Republican Ralph Abraham.

News Ten’s Lora Lavigne has a one-on-one to get insight on his views.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate and U.S.  Representative states he’s leaving congress to fight for a chance to make Louisiana ‘win’ again. It’s a state he points out as 50th out of 50 for three consecutive years.

“The national economy is soaring, Louisiana is barley staying alive. We can do so so much better and under my leadership as your next governor, it will happen,” said Abraham.

Unleashing Louisiana’s energy with the oil and gas industry is how Abraham plans to begin addressing the economy.

“You see what has happened in the last three years with our legal climate, with our tax climate, they’ve left. With them, have left 60 plus thousand people,” said Abraham.

He claims the current tax policies are chasing away residents and business. He vows to cut taxes, reform spending and invest in infrastructure.

“I keep saying, it’s not rocket science. It’s not neuro-surgery. It’s economics 101. I’m a basic guy and I can assure you we’re going to do some good smart basic things,” he added

As a family doctor, he believes fixing the medicaid spending crisis is also a priority. “They want that good job. They want to get out that poverty cycle, but unfortunately in our climate here in Louisiana, they just can’t seem to make it. We’re going to help them do that,” said Abraham.

Ahead of the first Gubernatorial Debate, Abraham firmly states he is ready to take the stage. “I want to address these exact issues and I want the people out there listening to these debates to understand that I’ve got there back,” he added.

The first Gubernatorial Debate is Thursday, September 19 at 7 p.m. at LSU.

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