ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY)– St. Martinville officials are proposing a new sales tax for the November election to help with the city’s infrastructure. The tax hopes to fix issues that the city has been facing for years.

The money from this half-percent sales tax will be used to fix roads, sidewalks and drainage issues. Jason Willis, mayor of St. Martinville, said about half a million dollars would go into bettering the city.

“This would be a benefit to our city,” Willis said. “It would generate approximately about $500,000 extra a year to go to our general fund, and it would enable us to be able to do more projects inside of the city.”

Willis explained that St. Martinville has the lowest sales tax in the parish. He asks the residents to take the city into consideration when casting their votes.

“St. Martinville is at currently 2 percent,” Willis said. “We are the lowest around. Our neighboring cities are at least 2.5 or 3.0. Some of them it’s 3.5, and I think one city is like 4.0. Other cities benefit from it, meaning that they get to use our tax money that we paying to improve their cities, so we just asking the people to start investing in our city.”

Willis wanted people to know this tax would help the city thrive.

“I want the people to know that this is a small impact on our citizens and a high impact on our city,” he said. “It’s a high impact on our city. It’s a combined effort to help us out to be able to do what we all want our city to do, grow and be beautiful.”

Early voting will be from Nov. 3 to Nov. 11. The election will take place on Nov. 18.

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