LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As we get closer to November’s runoff election, News 10 sat down with Monique Blanco Boulet who said her business-oriented mind and her values of honesty and transparency make her the best choice for Lafayette’s next mayor president.

“If you look at what I’ve done over the past nine years, I really do have an ability to bring people together,” Boulet said. “People with different perspectives. And to solve complex problems at a high level. Government should build that foundation so people can live, and our businesses can grow. That is the fundamental purpose of government.”

Boulet said her extensive work with the Acadiana Planning Commission, pioneering drainage, broadband, transportation and revitalization across all eight parishes, provides a great track record that shows her dedication to projects that will move Lafayette forward.

“I have that ability to look long, not to band-air problems that we have to repeat and come back to and come back to, but to really put some solid solutions in place, check those boxes and lay that foundation that our families can live, and our businesses can grow,” Boulet said. “Those are the two most important things, then government needs to get out the way.”

When asked about her opponent, incumbent Josh Guillory, Boulet said his mishandling of key issues in the city led to her emphasis on transparency from the Lafayette Consolidated Government.

“If you look at the key issues in Lafayette parish, and that’s drainage and crime,” Boulet said. “I think he’s used both of those as a political toy. We have spent tens of millions of dollars on projects that aren’t completed and actually aren’t proven to be effective. The processes and check and balances have been removed. And the police department, the instability there. Taking two key detectives out of rotation when we’re already short staffed. For a personal driver, that’s someone running government in a different space then where the voters exist.”

If elected as the next mayor president, Boulet said she plans to bring her strong values with her and build a team mentality with everyone at LCG.

“I want to meet with the employees,” Boulet said. “I want to sit down and really understand what’s happening in LCG from a financial perspective and a legal perspective and clean that up. That is the very first thing that will happen when I take office in January.”

Early voting begins this Friday until Nov. 11. Election day is Nov. 18.

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