JEANERETTE, La. (KLFY) – Since 2019, Bourgeois has been the mayor of Jeanerette. On Saturday, he will be fighting for his second term in office against the Mayor Pro-Tem and District One Alderman Clarence Clark.

Mayor Bourgeois said his experience as mayor will help him on election night.

“I do have experience now as a mayor. It has been exciting serving our people certainly,” Bourgeois said. “I am grateful to be that humble servant doing the job of the mayor of Jeanerette.”

Bourgeois said he looks to continue the progress he has made since getting into office. Three big things he is focusing on are maintaining the increasing budget for the town to bring in more improvements to facilities in the community, recruiting more law enforcement officers to the town’s police force, and making Jeanerette more attractive to enhance economic development. He hopes the people of Jeanerette can recognize his hard work and hopes he can continue to maintain his role.

“I pray that the citizens appreciate the service that I have given to them as their mayor and will continue to give them in the coming future. It is certainly an ongoing process and I am very very proud to be their mayor,” Bourgeois said.

Bourgeois’ opponent is Alderman Clarence Clark. Clark has served on the council since 2015. He is also a fire chief in St. Mary Parish, a lieutenant with the Baldwin Police Department, assists with Cajun Coastal Rescue, and is a very active outdoorsman. Clark believes his community needs a change. He said he can make it happen.

“I think I am the most qualified person with the council to run for the position of mayor,” Clark said.

The things Clark will look to mainly focus on if he is elected mayor are enhancing the police force, allowing for more social opportunities for the youth of Jeanerette, and improving the town’s infrastructure.

“I am very passionate about my city,” Clark said. “I don’t see the mayor’s position as just being a mayor today and tomorrow. I see this position as you serving every person of Jeanerette to where we are all on one accord.”

Polls open on Saturday at 7 p.m. and close at 8 p.m. To find out the winner of this race and others going on in Acadiana visit