LOUISIANA, (KLFY) — One woman will make history this November, becoming Louisiana’s first woman to serve as attorney general. The only thing standing in their way is a runoff election, and two women hope to take the win: Democrat Lindsey Cheek and Republican Liz Murrill.

Attorney Lindsey Cheek tells News 10 she never planned to run for attorney general until the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs decision and left abortions in the hands of the states. Cheek says that was her catalyst for joining the race.

“Women in Louisiana everywhere are smart. They’re capable of making their own decisions. The legislature and the attorney general do not belong in the room with a woman when she is making a private medical decision with her doctor,” Cheek said.

Coming from humble beginnings and living below the poverty line as a child, Cheek says she became a lawyer to fight for the little guys.

“Basically, I’m a lawyer for people, not for corporations. I’m not beholden to anyone. I’m not beholden to any pacts, entities, or corporations. My reasons for wanting to do this are to make people’s lives better,” Cheek explained.

Unlike her competitor, who promises to fight violent crime, Cheek says one of her top priorities is to curb cancer in communities where she says oil and gas refineries are producing toxins.

“The Attorney General of Louisiana does not have any constitutional authority to file any criminal charges against a person. What the attorney general can and should do is file cases and claims against entities or individuals or anyone who has harmed people in Louisiana like cancer alley,” Cheek told News 10.

She says her other top priorities would include reproductive health, freedom of choice, and advancing individuals rights, protections and freedoms.

“I want others and especially women in Louisiana to know that I’m here to stand up for you and for the workers who work in those facilities to know that I’m here for you and to stand up for you and to fight against those polluters and special interest groups, who might not have the best interests of the people of Louisiana at heart,” Cheek said.

With election day almost a week away, Cheek will look to be the top candidate come Nov. 18.

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