LOUISIANA (KLFY)– In this historic runoff election, Nancy Landry is running to become the first female elected as Louisiana’s secretary of state. She said the support she is receiving is great because people are making it known that they value experience.  

“It’s been well received everywhere we’ve been because people want somebody with experience conducting our elections in Louisiana,” Landry said.

Nancy Landry said she wants to be elected as Louisiana’s next secretary of state because she wants to use her experience to improve Louisiana’s election process.

She said her experience serving as the first assistant secretary of state to the current secretary is one of the many qualifications she has for the job.

“We just can’t afford to have somebody who needs on-the-job training, and I’ll be ready from day one,” Landry said. “I’ve been doing this for four years, so I’m ready.”

Landry said serving as the first assistant has allowed her to see the day-to-day operations on what the secretary of state position consists of.

“I compare it to a chief operating officer in the private sector,” Landry said. “So I’m familiar with every aspect of the department of state and its nearly 500 employees. And that gives me the experience necessary to launch right into the 2024 presidential election and to hit the ground running from day one.”

Landry said she wants to tackle issues like implementing a new voting system, block private funding of elections, provide clean voter rolls and secure safe elections. She said the current voting system needs updating, and that is one of the first things she will address if elected.

“The number one priority that I have as secretary of state is I want us to get a new voting system,” Landry said. “Our current voting system is outdated. It’s over 30 years old and it needs to be replaced.”

Landry said another issue she will prioritize is cleaning up voter rolls.

“I’d also like to clean up our voter rolls,” Louisiana secretary of state candidate said. “And so, we have worked with the legislature for the past three years to get additional tools to clean up our voter rolls. We have some very effective tools now. We have something called the annual canvass that we do, but we’ve asked the legislature to give us additional tools so we can verify even more voters on our voter rolls than we do with the annual canvass.”

As the only conservative running, Landry said her three years of experience serving as a state legislator, in addition to being a certified election registration administrator and licensed attorney is the reason why she is confident she can be the next secretary of state.

“So, I’m the only conservative candidate in the race, and I’m the only one with experience conducting a statewide election,” she said.

Election day is Nov. 18 with early voting ending this Saturday, Nov. 11.

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