LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory hopes to retain his position as he prepares for the upcoming election.

It’s election season and one of the big races in Acadiana is the Lafayette Mayor-President’s race. Mayor-President Josh Guillory spoke to KLFY News 10 about his run for re-election.

Guillory says quality of life is important to him and it will continue to be.  

“In 2020 alone, look what we had to go through; COVID, civil unrest, a lot of tropical systems coming to hit us and a freeze to enter into 2021,” said Guillory.

Guillory says he’s running for office based on his love for the community and a desire to give back.  

“I want to see Brown Park through.  I want to see Moore Park through. I want to see our world-class indoor multi-sports facility that we just announced last week, I want to see that through,” Guillory explained.

Also, he wants to see the parish jail moved from downtown.  He wants to see the economic flow continue that he says Lafayette has experienced over the last several years.  

“We have a diverse economy; way more than even four years ago.  We’re going to continue to be diverse in other industries such as logistics, transportation, and manufacturing.  We’re going to continue to build on oil and gas and our oil and gas service-related industries,” said Guillory.

Guillory believes voters vote not solely for a mayor-president but an administrative team.

“Our team is strong.  I surrounded myself with individual thinkers with bright, proactive leaders that care about our community, and we need to keep that team together so we can continue the great work that we are working on,” Guillory noted.

Also, Guillory wants to continue what he calls his aggressive road program, his aggressive approach to drainage and public safety initiatives.