LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Attorney General Jeff Landry announced he will participate in Nexstar’s statewide gubernatorial debate on Friday, Sept. 15, but not the scheduled debate on Sept. 7, in a news release Thursday.

“I look forward to bringing my ideas and vision for Louisiana to the people during Nexstar’s statewide debate on September 15,” Landry said. “With crime out of control, a broken education system, and more people leaving the state than coming in, Louisiana needs a Governor who will solve these problems.”

Kate Kelly, communications director for Jeff Landry, confirmed that the debate scheduled for Sept. 7 will not include Landry.

“The participation of the Urban League raises questions about impartiality,” Kelly said. “Media reports say their programs elected Democrats and their leadership and lobbying has been anti-Trump, anti-Second Amendment, and soft on crime which is devastating our cities and rural communities.”

The Sept. 15 debate at KLFY will include Landry, Shawn Wilson, John Schroder, Stephen Waguespack, Sharon Hewitt, Hunter Lundy and Richard Nelson.