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Interim Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is looking to make position permanent

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Kyle Ardoin is entering this race as the interim Louisiana Secretary of State

He took over back in May when Tom Schedler resigned. 

He said the office has moved forward from that, and he’s looking to become the permanent replacement, in order to keep up the good work the office is doing…

“Republican. Conservative. Running for Secretary of State, serving as Secretary of State since May. Prior to that, I was First Assistant for almost 8 years. So I’m well experienced in the agency,” Ardoin says.

He says he would like to continue in the position because he believes it’s one of the best jobs in the state, by bringing the right to vote to Louisiana residents.

“This is one of the offices that is least political in the state, and really we work for everybody,” Ardoin says.

He took over in May when former secretary of state Tom Schedler resigned over sexual harassment allegations. 

“Well we’ve already taken steps, we instituted this most strict sexual harassment policy in the state of Louisiana. as you know, the law has not gone into effect yet, but we have the strictest policy available,” Ardoin says,

He adds that he’s been in the Secretary of State’s office for about 10 years. He says he’s been highly involved with the cyber security issues the office faces on a regular basis.

“I think experience is the most important thing, and if you end up with someone who doesn’t have the experience, you could end up with a Broward County because they do not understand the process, and Louisiana has an excellent process,” Ardoin explains.

His first priority if elected is to bring in new voting machines, that give both an electronic and paper record that a vote has been cast.

“Second thing is I want to expand Go-Biz, continue to cut red tape.
Third, I wanna give a little more focus on the Archives, the leadership at the Archives, so that we can go to the next level of electronic storage of records,” explains Ardoin.

Ardoin is also in favor of making make Election Day a holiday, to increase voter participation.

Ardoin will face democratic candidate Gwen Collins-Greenup in the December runnoff.

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