ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY)– With the general election just days away, one of the candidates for St. Martin parish president, Pete Delcambre, said he is ready for what’s next.

Delcambre was the leading with the votes in October. He said the race isn’t over and is still looking forward to work until it is done.

“It’s still a race,” Delcambre said. “It still is zero, zero, that’s how we’re looking at it, and we will let the final election determine that. However, we’re working every day and working towards that end.”

Delcambre said the main issues St. Martin Parish is facing is road maintenance and drainage.

“You have perennial issues such as road maintenance and drainage,” Delcambre said. “I take a look at what’s been done in the past, what’s presently being done and what are we going to do in the future. I need to assess the situation, assess what is being done and put that into the, let’s say road maintenance and drainage and see if we can efficiently use the taxpayer dollars and the energies that are now there to make this system work in the most viable possible way.”

With early voter turnout down from the October election, Delcambre urges people to get out and vote if they want to have a say so in the election.

“The deal is people need to exercise their right to vote to be able to have a voice in what’s going on in their government and the spending of tax dollars,” he said.

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