LAFAYETTE PARISH, LA (KLFY) — Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory talked about a lot leading up to the runoff, focusing on his campaign, his opponent, his goals for the future, and what he is most proud of since taking office in 2020.

“Our economy is booming, and that didn’t happen by accident,” said Guillory. “People and businesses are flocking to Lafayette because local government is finally doing what local government is supposed to do.”

Guillory prides himself on his work in road work improvements for the parish, drainage infrastructure, and working to help bring Lafayette Parish to bigger heights than it has ever seen.

“We are the administration of ideas. We are the administration of action, and we are the only candidate in this race talking about a platform, talking about ideas. What I want to focus on is how can I serve our people, and that’s what we’re here to do.”

When asked about his opponent in the race Monique Blanco-Boulet and the controversy between the two leading up to the October 14th election and the upcoming runoff race, Guillory stands with what he has always said.

“My opponent, Monique Blanco-Boulet, is a lifelong liberal-democrat, and she is going to say or do anything to make the people of Lafayette forget that. But the people of our parish know better,” said Guillory.

If reelected, Guillory says the day one plan is to keep pushing to make Lafayette Parish better every day.

“I am not satisfied with this economy. This economy is booming. Our unemployment is low. Our workforce development is strong. We have so much more in our future, and we are the best team to make sure those ideas come to fruition,” he said.

Early voting for runoffs begins Friday Nov. 3rd until Saturday Nov. 11th. Official elections are November 18th.

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