LOUISIANA (KLFY)— The Louisiana Gubernatorial Debate airs on Friday, Sept. 15, from the studios of KLFY News 10. This week we got a glimpse of where each candidate stands on issues important to Louisiana voters. The candidates talk about the topic of abortion rights.

Democratic candidate Shawn Wilson has served as the Louisiana’s Secretary of Transportation and Development from 2016 until March of this year. Wilson is personally pro-life but said he supports a woman’s right to choose as a matter of policy. He said he supports the exception of rape and incest being added into the state’s law which bans nearly all abortions.

“I have learned the importance of separating what I believe is good for me and my family away from what’s good for the public, and I believe that woman ought to have the right to make that decision with a doctor,” Wilson said.

Republican candidate Attorney General Jeff Landry calls himself a fearless champion for Louisiana’s Right-to-Life laws. Landry said he is willing to discuss the exceptions of rape and incest.

“I’m open to having that discussion. I think it’s a discussion that’s going to be had in the legislature and I would tell you that I want to listen to what those discussions are and exactly how it plays out,” Landry said.

Lifelong republican Stephen Waguespack is satisfied with the state law that’s already in place. 

“I think the current exemptions in the law are sufficient, and I don’t support altering the law,” Waguespack said.

Louisiana State Senator Sharon Hewitt is pro-life and supports legislation which she said improves the lives of families and children. 

“I have not seen any other legislation, or any other bills proposed that I thought did a better job than what we have in place right now,” Hewitt said.