CROWELY, La. (KLFY)– With one week left, News 10 heard from those running for Chief of Police in Crowley.

Jimmy Broussard is running for re-election. He said in the past six years, the community has stepped up and in answering the call for help.

“We have seen a reduction in our crime rate. You know this year we’ve only had two homicides,” Broussard said.

Broussard said although Crowley has seen a reduction in it’s crime rate with only two homicides this year, he sees crime as in issue in Crowley he hopes he can continue to fight, and the biggest issue in that area are the juveniles with illegal weapons.

“I think one of the first things is to address the amount of illegal weapons in the hands of juveniles. that’s our biggest concern,” said Broussard.

Broussard said if he’s re-elected, he wants the public to know he is focusing on active shooter training, juveniles with guns, and continuing the fight against drugs and drug dealers. He says the police department has also been training on how to respond to an active shooter.

“The first thing I want the public to know is we’re not waiting, we’re going in, we’re going to save our children, we’re going to continue the fight on drug dealers, we’re going to continue the fight on getting guns out of the hands of juveniles,” Broussard said.

Broussard said he is thankful for all of the love and support he is receiving. All he wants is the chance to continue serving as Crowley’s Chief of Police.

Scott Fogleman is one of the challengers in the race. He said his actions speak louder than his words.

Fogleman said the issues he wants to focus on are decreasing the amount of crime amongst juveniles as well as retain officers.

He said Crowley is losing a lot of officers and he would like to bring the morale up. He said he would like to train and educate officers so they would want to stay.

Fogleman said he is qualified for the position because his fifteen years of experience in law enforcement consist of an associate’s degree in criminal justice, he’s led a patrol shift, and was a reserve officer with current certifications.

“I really believe I would thrive at the chief’s position because you need to know law enforcement but you need to be a very well administrator,” said Fogleman.

Fogleman said he stands on integrity and honesty which are what is needed to lead Crowley’s police department.

“I know that I have the leadership qualities and the abilities to bring this city back to survive with a surviving police department,” said Fogleman.

Troy Herbert running for Chief of Police, and said it is his goal to bring change to Crowley’s police department.

He said he wants to tackle the gun violence and get involved with the youth and community. Herbert says he wants to increase patrol on the streets to combat crimes.

He said in order to do that, he plans to retain officers by making the department competitive and attractive compared to other agencies.

“We’re losing so many officers and as chief I’m going to fight to make sure we have competitive pay,” Herbert said.

Herbert said if he’s elected, he wants the public to know his experience in law enforcement and administration allows him the insight to understand the problems and how to fix them.

“What separates me is my experience. I’ll understand every aspect of that department,” said Herbert.

Dexter Faulk is another challenger in the race. He said public safety and community involvement are at the forefront of his campaign.

Faulk wants people to be treated fairly by him and the department should he be elected chief of police.

“I want to send officers out for instructor course training. Less lethal ammunition, less lethal teasers, anything that would give me the opportunity to not have to chose lethal force,” said Faulk.

Faulk said the issues he wants to focus on are youth interaction, cameras in high crime areas, and restructuring the chain of command within the department.

“I want cameras in high crime areas. We have them on our baseball park where you can view them from home, why can’t I have them in high crime areas?”

Faulk said his experience in law enforcement as well as his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq allows him equips him with leadership skills.

He said he stands on fairness, honesty, and, helpfulness. Qualities he says the next chief of police should have.