LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A high-profile election for the City of Lafayette is the race for City Court Judge Division A.

Three candidates are vying for a job once held by Michelle Odinet who resigned after a video surfaced that showed racial slurs being used in her home.

Candidate Jules Edwards, III, a former district court judge, says he is the person with experience as a judge who renders justice fairly and firmly.

Edwards, who was born in New Orleans, received his undergraduate and law degrees from Loyola University in New Orleans in 1981 and 1984.

Edwards says he wouldn’t claim to always want a career in law and justice.

He says he studied psychology and then switched to sociology.

“I finally decided that the law is what provides the basic rules for how we are to relate to people, places, and things.  I thought that would help me get people living in right relationships.”

He has worked in a law firm, as a public defender, a prosecuting attorney, and for the Louisiana Senate.  

Judge Edwards served on the 15th Judicial District Court from 1993 – 2020 and was Chief Judge from 2001 until 2003.

Edwards explains his reason for running for city judge.

Photo credit: La. judicial council

“It’s all of those things from what I know and how I behaved as a judge for 28 years.”

The Lafayette city court has jurisdiction over alleged misdemeanors and city ordinance violations.  It also deals with but is not limited to, juvenile traffic and criminal offenses.

“I really wanted to seek this job again so that I can get people off the wrong road onto the right road.  We can’t wait for people to commit felony crimes to address their poor performance or their harmful behavior.”

Edwards retired as Colonel of the Louisiana National Guard and was recognized as the Best Staff Judge Advocate in the United States.

“I look forward to an opportunity to bring all that I did in state court to city court to help make the City of Lafayette a much safer, more peaceful, and thriving community.

Jules D. Edwards, III campaign message to everyone is “dare to dream.”

Election day is Tuesday, November 8.