MAMOU, La. (KLFY) – Charles “Pat” Hall has been elected Mamou Chief of Police.

Hall defeated incumbent Brent Zackery in the race.

As a graduate of Mamou High School and Gambling State University, Hall has worked in law enforcement for 22 years and in the military for 28 years.

Hall’s goal is to forge a solid bond with the community and he guarantees to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Hall has said that he will have an open-door policy for the public and stresses that his one priority is to serve the citizens of Mamou, according to his Facebook.

“My goal, my promise, is to make sure the Town has adequate security and that all people, including the young and elderly, are protected,” he said in a statement on Facebook.

More information on Hall can be found here.

Hall defeated Zackery who was first elected as Mamou’s Chief of Police in 2018.