BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) – The current Breaux Bridge chief of police Rollie Cantu is to retire from his duties, leaving the position up for grabs for three qualified candidates.

Breaux Bridge resident Albert “Buz” LeBlanc has been involved in the community’s law enforcement for years. He told News 10 that he is making it his goal to help lower the crime rate in the city, restore the police department, and enhance the community’s involvement to help bring the city to what it once was.

“Change will come. That change will be done by the people of Breaux Bridge,” LeBlanc said. “The same people who are sick and tired of seeing their city being flooded by drugs and violent crime.”

The next candidate, Hubert Augustine, is a long-time Breaux Bridge resident with decades of experience in the city’s police force. He told News 10 that his main goals are high police visibility in the city, better leadership training for the police department, and enhanced community engagement with the police department.

Augustine said that “Once the community sees that you are making an effort to solve that problem, they will realize that wait a minute, we have a department that cares about us. Yes, we do.”

The final candidate in the race is Rodney Chitwood. Chitwood was born and raised in Breaux Bridge. He is an honored graduate of the Ait Force Police Academy and has a long time of experience in law enforcement and business management.

Chitwood told News 10 that his main objectives for the city are to lower the juvenile delinquency rate, lower the drug issue in the city, and community involvement.

“I thought, why not get involved in it to cut it off before it becomes an issue? I looked at all my skillsets, chief of police is the best fit for me,” Chitwood said. “From that conviction, I qualified, and I am in this campaign to win it.”

Chief Rollie Cantu said that all three candidates are a great fit, and that the city of Breaux Bridge will be left in good hands.