FRANKLIN, La. (KLFY) — The Nov. 8, 2022, primary election will feature a number of school board races, along with municipal races in Baldwin and Berwick. All information provided in this post comes from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office.

Also included are all statewide constitutional amendments on the ballot, as well as local tax propositions.

Dates to Know for the Nov. 8 election

  • Last day to register in person to vote at the St. Mary Parish Registrar’s Office or OMV: Oct. 11
  • Last day to register via the GeauxVote Online Registration System: Oct. 18
  • Last day to request absentee ballot: Nov. 4, 4:30 p.m.
  • Last day to submit absentee ballot: Nov. 7, 4:30 p.m
  • Early Voting: Oct. 25 through Nov. 1 (excluding Sunday, Oct. 30) from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

St. Mary Parish Registrar of Voters


School Board

  • Dist. 3
    • Kenneth E. “Kenny” Alfred (R)*
    • Lindsey Anslem (R)
  • Dist. 5
    • Jaclyn Fields Castillo (no party)
    • Ginger S. Griffin (R)*
  • Dist. 7
    • Glynn Pellerin (R)
    • Murphy J. Pontiff Jr. (R)
  • Dist. 8
    • Scott Babin (R)
    • Shawn E. Canty (No party)
    • Chad Paradee (R)
  • Dist. 11
    • Rhonda Dennis (R)
    • Roland H. Verret (no party)*


  • Mayor
    • Herbert “HB” Bell (D)
    • Clarence A. Vappie (D)
  • Police Chief
    • Tony Derouen (no party)
    • Ronnie Fuselier (D)
    • Anthony “Gip” Gibson (D)
  • Board of Aldermen (5 to be elected)
    • Carolyn Bowser (D)
    • Margaret C. Colar (D)
    • Ajani Connor (D)
    • Tony J. Gibson (D)
    • Donald Ray Grimm (D)
    • Dawn Lanceslin (D)
    • Everett Wayne Logeman (D)
    • Marion J. Newton (D)
    • Robert “Robby” Robison (R)
    • Amber Richard Tillman (D)


  • Mayor
    • Duval Arthur Jr. (no party)*
    • Jessie Boudreaux (no party)


Morgan City — 3/10% sales tax renewal, 12 yrs.

Shall the City of Morgan City, State of Louisiana (the “City”), be authorized to continue to levy a tax of three tenths of one percent (3/10%) (the “Tax”) (an estimated $790,000 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the Tax for an entire year), for a period of twelve (12) years, beginning January 1, 2024, upon the sale at retail, the use, the lease or rental, the consumption, and the storage for use or consumption, of tangible personal property and on sales of services in the City, as defined by law, with the avails or proceeds of the Tax, after paying the reasonable and necessary expenses of administering and collecting the Tax, to be dedicated and used for the purpose of paying the cost of constructing, improving, resurfacing, maintaining and providing street drainage for public streets, alleys, sidewalks and public wharves, and acquiring equipment therefor?

Statewide Offices and Constitutional Amendments

U.S. Senator

  • Beryl A. Billiot (no party)
  • Gary Chambers, Jr. (D)
  • Devin Lance Graham (R)
  • “Xan” John (Other)
  • John Kennedy (R)*
  • W. Thomas La Fontaine Olson (no party)
  • Bradley McMorris (Ind.)
  • MV “Vinny” Mendoza (D)
  • “Luke” Mixon (D)
  • Salvador P. Rodriguez (D)
  • Aaron C. Sigler (Lib.)
  • Syrita Steib (D)
  • Thomas Wenn (Other)

U.S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District

  • Clay Higgins (R)*
  • Holden Hoggatt (R)
  • Lessie Olivia LeBlanc (D)
  • Tia LeBrun (D)
  • Guy McLendon (Lib.)
  • Thomas “Lane” Payne Jr. (R)
  • Jacob “Jake” Shaheen (R)
  • Gloria R. Wiggins (Ind.)

U.S. Representative, 6th Congressional District

  • Brian Belzer (R)
  • Rufus Holt Craig Jr. (Lib.)
  • Garret Graves (R)*

Public Service Commissioner, Dist. 4

  • Keith C. Bodin (no party)
  • “Mike” Francis (R)*
  • Shalon Latour (R)

1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge, Dist. 1, Division D

  • Tanner Magee (R)
  • Steven Miller (R)

Constitutional Amendment No. 1 — ACT 130, 2021

Do you support an amendment to increase to 65% the cap on the amount of monies in certain state funds that may be invested in stocks? (Amends Article VII, Sections 10.1(B), 10.8(B), 10.11(D), and 14(B))

Constitutional Amendment No. 2 — ACT 172, 2022

Do you support an amendment to expand certain property tax exemptions for property on which the homestead exemption is claimed for certain veterans with disabilities? (Amends Article VII, Section 21(K))

Constitutional Amendment No. 3 — ACT 156, 2011

Do you support an amendment to allow classified civil service employees to support the election to public office of members of their own families? (Amends Article X, Sections 9 and 20)

Constitutional Amendment No. 4 — ACT 155, 2021

Do you support an amendment to allow local governments to waive water charges that are the result of damage to the water system not caused by the customer? (Amends Article VII, Section 14(B))

Constitutional Amendment No. 5 — ACT 133, 2021

Do you support an amendment to allow the levying of a lower millage rate by a local taxing authority while maintaining the authority’s ability to adjust to the current authorized millage rate? (Amend Article VII, Section 23(C))

Constitutional Amendment No. 6 — ACT 129, 2021

Do you support an amendment to limit the amount of an increase in the assessed value of residential property subject to the homestead exemption in Orleans Parish following reappraisal at 10% of the property’s assessed value in the previous year? (January 1, 2023) (Amends Article VII, Section 18(F)(2)(a)(introductory paragraph) and Adds Article VII, Section 18(F)(3))

Constitutional Amendment No. 7 — ACT 246, 2022

Do you support an amendment to prohibit the use of involuntary servitude except as it applies to the otherwise lawful administration of criminal justice? (Amends Article I, Section 3)

Constitutional Amendment No. 8 — ACT 171, 2022

Do you support an amendment to remove the requirement that homeowners who are permanently totally disabled must annually re-certify their income to keep their special assessment level on their residences for property tax purposes? (Amends Article VII, Section 18(G)(1)(a)(iv))


Candidates Elected Unopposed

    • Joseph C. Foulcard Jr. (D)*
    • Tammie Lynn Moore (D)*
    • Pearl Barnes Rack (D)*
    • Marilyn Lasalle (D)*
    • Alaina L. Black (R)*
    • Andrew V. Mancuso (no party)
    • Councilwoman Colleen Nicklas Askew (R)*
    • Councilman Kevin P. Hebert (R)*
    • Councilman Ludness “Lud” Henry (R)*
    • Councilman Raymond P. Price (R)*
    • Councilman James Richard (R)*
    • Mayor Rodney Grogan (D)
    • Police Chief Garrett S. Grogan (D)
    • Councilman R. Demale Bowden Jr. (D)
    • CouncilmanLee A. Condolle (D)*
    • Councilman Ray A. Dewey Sr. (D)*
    • Councilwoman Mamie Soudelier Perry (no party)
    • Councilwoman Miranda Knott Weinbach (D)