LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Profiling all the candidates running for the Louisiana 3rd Congressional District, News 10 is spotlighting Thomas “Lane” Payne Jr’s campaign.

Lane said with his pastoral foundation, he feels the Lord is directing him to run for LA’s 3rd Congressional District. 

“My platform is I’m a Republican. I’m pro-life, pro-family, and I have eight grandchildren that I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do the best I could to lead a better future for them than what they’re facing right now,” said Thomas “Lane” Payne, Jr., U.S. Congress, Louisiana 3rd Congressional District candidate. 

With a 23 years of pastoral experience, Lane said, “My foundation with the Lord is not a religious one; it’s a relation one, and so I find my accountability to him it’s more important than anything else.”

He added, “It’s a serious foundation to me. I believe that the wrong foundation makes the wrong process that ends up hurting people, and so when the government is hurting people, you go through the process and find the wrong foundation. Fix the foundation; it changes the process and helps people.” 

Lane’s properties focus on parental rights, border security, and the economy. 

“There is literally no excuse for Southwest Louisiana to have the resources that we have and our business climate and education be where it’s at. So it’s like the resources are being used as pawns for someone else’s gain, and the people feel it. They absolutely feel it,” Lane said. 

Lane said the people are feeling hopeless and helpless, and they need to know somebody is fighting for them. He said that his foundation in the Lord had kept him where he has already built a history of working beyond the barriers that everybody else sees as barriers. He said he is not political and has not and will not speak negatively about any of the other people running on the campaign. 

“I believe this if you’re fighting against things, you’ll eventually quit. You’ll find a reason that it’s not worth it when you’re fighting for something. You’re not going to quit no matter what, and I’m fighting for the people of Louisiana, not against the other candidates that’s a political side. I’m not drawn to that; what I am drawn to is fighting for our people,” said Lane. 

Furthermore, he said he hoped to bring his servant’s heart to Washington if elected. 

“Everyone needs to know that I will stand for everyone, not just a select few. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and I believe that we need to know him and have a relationship with him, but that doesn’t mean that I’m against the people that don’t believe that; in fact, I’m for them” he said. “I believe that every success that we have makes us responsible for people. Every step of leadership that we take, that’s that many more people that we serve, and so when I go to Washington, I want to bring that servant’s heart, not a political heart, to serve the people; it’s their seat anyway.”