LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — News Ten is profiling candidates running in the November election.

Lessie Leblanc is one of the eight candidates running in the 3rd congressional district race. She’s hoping to defeat current congressman Clay Higgins.

Leblanc currently works policy and organizing for the Promise of Justice Initiative. She also holds the District 42 seat on the Democratic State Central Committee and says if elected to Congress, her main focus will be reproductive rights and gun legislation.

“The recent Roe versus Wade decision complied with the absolutely abysmal legislation that has been passed at the state level and the absolutely abysmal amendment that was added to our constitution last year stripped these rights. We have stripped these rights away from women, and women want them back. We’re going to take them back,” Leblanc said. 

She says polls show most Americans want abortion access to be available to people who need it.

“If state legislatures refuse to do the will of the people, then we will have to take care of it at the federal level,” she added. 

Leblanc says she also has big plans for gun control. She says banning assault weapons should be addressed. She also wants people to be aware of ghost guns, or 3D printed guns, that could become a growing problem. In addition, she says the national criminal background check system needs to be re-vamped.

“I think firearms do have a place in our society. I don’t think an outright ban is the answer. No ban has ever worked. Why would it start working now?”

She says she already works on legislation at the state level.., and she’s ready to take her ideas to the federal level.

“The more I go to these forums, the more I realize I know these issues better than anyone else there. That keeps me very motivated because it reminds me that I have been doing this work, and I do know what i’m talking about. I am ready, and I am the most ready,” Leblanc told News Ten. 

Leblanc also says she is deliberately not fundraising beyond the amount of $5,000. She says this will challenge the narrative around what makes a candidate viable and hopes this inpires other citizens to run for office. Leblanc adds she believes the current campaign system is so dependent on money that it’s created a paywall for regular people to participate in government.

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The election is November 8th.