LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – News 10 is profiling all the candidates running for the Louisiana 3rd Congressional District. Gloria Wiggins, who is the last candidate on the ballot, explains why Louisiana citizens should elect her into U.S. Congress.

Her passion for creating change started from seeing a need in her community in Franklin, La. She expressed how seeing life through her grandkids and great-grandkids, ages ranging from 18 to 32 years old. As well as having a diverse group of people in her yard daily, she learns about the community’s needs. 

“I’m concerned about my neighborhood. The different communities range from Morgan City to Sulfur. I’m worried about the young kids. The crime rates. The runaways and rape and incest and things like that that are happening in many homes” said Gloria Wiggins, U.S. Congress, Louisiana 3rd Congressional District candidate. 

Wiggins’s main concerns are for elderly citizens. 

“A lot of elderly, believe it or not, don’t have family members that check up on them periodically,” Wiggins said. “A lot of them have families out of town or out of state, but they don’t have the regular visits that they should have, and a lot of them are just being left behind.”

She is also concerned about the youth, gun violence, and crime. 

“The crime of these 12 and 13-year-olds. If something is going on with them and the families, either they’re not communicating or checking on these kids or whatever, but the crime rates are terrible,” she said. “I think they believe that they have the right just to do whatever and not get punished for it, and then they learn you committed something very bad, and it’s different when you’re locked up, and you can’t go anywhere.” 

Wiggins said that crime is dividing the community and many friends. 

“There are a lot of friendships, and then they split up because they have to take sides on which family they’re going to support the most,” she said. 

Lastly, Wiggins is fighting for women’s rights in her campaign. 

“I don’t think nobody should tell a woman what to do with her body,” said Wiggins. 

When News 10 asked her thoughts on the Supreme court striking down Roe v. Wade, she said, “We’re always fighting the same things over and over again. I think that’s one thing that’s happening with the kids. I think they’re saying, “I thought y’all settled this already?” We’re still fighting for the same things over and over no matter who’s the president, we’re still fighting, so basically, I would like to let’s eliminate, let’s get it straight. This time let’s do it right and put it in the law whereas it wouldn’t be coming up again.” 

Wiggins told News 10 she has been campaigning by herself and with family. She has campaigned in several areas, including St. Martinville, Breaux Bridge, New Iberia, Franklin, and Lake Charles. 

“I’m reaching out the best way I can, and basically, I’m doing it on my own and with my family just to see. Many people say it takes money to do this. Okay, we need votes,” said Wiggins. “It doesn’t matter how much money they give if you don’t get the votes. I’m basically petitioning everybody for their vote.”

Wiggins added, “Everything else will fall in place because you need everybody else to make things work, so if I say I’m going to do this and I’m going to drastically do that unless I have the help and support of everybody, it would work.”