LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — News Ten is profiling candidates running in the November election.

Among the candidates for Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district is Congressman Clay Higgins who has seven opponents.

Higgins, who has been in office since January, 2017 is now running for his fourth term.

In a recent campaign video, Higgins spoke on some of the issues he believes America is facing.

“Inflation and rising energy costs threaten the financial security of our families. Our neighborhoods are plagued with out-of-control crime, and millions of illegals are crossing our southern border.”

A former law enforcement officer in Acadiana, Higgins recently held town hall meetings across the area, speaking with residents about his plans if he wins re-election.

Among his plans, he says, are restoring the house of representatives to the republicans.

“The democratic agenda threatens the safety of our communities. We must restore our nation, reverse these backwards democrat policies, and hold the Biden white house accountable,” he added. 

An avid constitutionalist, Higgins is fighting for issues in agriculture, immigration, and the economy.

“This is why republicans have released our commitment to America. That’s our agenda, the republican agenda, to stand America back up,” he said. 

Higgins is campaigning for a smaller government, less bureaucracy, and free markets.

“Americans want to live, work, and raise our families without unnecessary government interference. Freedom and prosperity are cornerstones of our commitment to you,” Higgins said. 

All the candidates profiled for the 3rd Congressional Seat can be found here.

The primary election is on November 8.