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Teen catches 7-foot, 190-pound alligator gar

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK/CNN) — Jack Pytel was trying to catch a catfish but ended up reeling in a 190-pound alligator gar.

Pytel, wasn’t expecting to catch what he did with his catfishing pole. “I was planning on catching some catfish. I didn’t even bring my stuff for gar that night.”

The high school senior reeled in a 190 pound, seven-foot five, alligator gar while fishing with a buddy and his girlfriend along the Brazos River near Needville. “It’s really cool to catch stuff like that, something so old too and prehistoric.”

Pytel has been fishing since he was three and has caught alligator gar before but nothing like this. “I’ve caught one around six and a half, but nothing that push seven.”

Big fish like this are common in Texas. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says the state record for an alligator gar catch is 302 pounds caught back in 1953.

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