Man steals hearse from church with casket and body still inside, crashes it

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LOS ANGELES (CNN/KCBS) — “What was he thinking, I wonder?” asked south Los Angeles resident Bobbi Finks.

Many people are asking that question after hearing about the driver who stole a Lincoln Navigator from a Pasadena area church last night. The SUV was being used as a hearse, and there was a body in a casket in the back.

“My heart goes out to the family,” said Finks. “I mean, you, the bad news never stops. It’s sad.”

LAPD says someone called 911 around 7:30 this morning after spotting the Navigator near Exposition Park. Officers tried to pull the driver over, but the person took off on the southbound 110 freeway, a minute later crashing into other vehicles just before the Vernon exit in south L.A. The suspect was taken into custody. But at least one person had to be taken away in an ambulance, and there was a huge traffic backup as crews worked to clear the freeway.

The navigator was eventually towed away after 9 a.m. with the body in the casket still inside. When it made it to a tow yard, the casket was taken away in another vehicle.

People who watched the bizarre scene unfold want to know why the person who stole the SUV didn’t abandon it when they realized what it was carrying.

The hearse has significant damage. It’s unclear how many vehicles were involved in the wreck.

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