Dispute between neighbors ends in Roomba, fecal matter attack

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YUKON, Okla. (CNN/KFOR) — Throwing fecal matter, spelling out swear words, and attacking with a Roomba. Those are elements of a recent episode between neighbors in Yukon, Oklahoma.

And it was caught on tape.

“I told him, if you break through the fence, I’m gonna shoot you,” said neighbor David Baird.

David Baird, gun in hand, after his neighbor — John Stafford — allegedly starting trying to break down their shared fence with a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

His wife and kids huddled inside their Yukon home after a 12-hour ordeal with the man next door.

“Threw fecal matter out from his driveway into our yard,” said Baird.

Eventually, the SWAT team, the bomb squad, and the robot were called out.

Baird and his neighbors, staying up late, captured it all on video.

Stafford, barricading himself inside his home, made several calls to police:

“I would like to report a d*****bag.”
“Sir, you’d like to report a what?”
“A d*****bag.”
“Can you speak like an adult, please, and tell me what situation you’re having?”
“Again, I am going to ask you to tell me the problem you are having.”
“B-b-b-b-a-g d*****bag!”
“Did you hear that?”

OKC and Yukon dispatchers took six 911 calls from him in all.

Negotiators in the street tried to lure him outside, eventually releasing canisters of pepper spray to get him out.

“I take any threat against my family dead serious to me,” said Baird.

Stafford faces a complaint of planning an act of violence.

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