RUNNELLS, Iowa (WHO) — With a tornado headed toward Curtis Cunningham’s Iowa home Saturday afternoon, he took the time to set up a camera to catch the storm before it hit.

While he and his family took shelter, the GoPro captured the amazing sights and sounds of the storm. Debris is seen flying by the home in Runnells, and shattering glass is heard as the tornado struck the home.

Cunningham, who shared the video with WHO, said there were two tornados, and while the first one passed by, just out of view of the camera, the second one hit his home.

He said amazingly, the truck sitting in the driveway didn’t even have hail damage after the tornado.

No fatalities were reported from tornados in Polk County, but six people died in Madison County and one other person perished in Lucas County.

Four of the seven people killed in the devastating storms were members of the same family who had sought shelter inside a home that was razed by a powerful tornado, authorities said.

The storms that raked Iowa on Saturday were the deadliest to occur in the state since May 2008, when one tornado destroyed nearly 300 homes and killed nine people in the northern Iowa city of Parkersburg. Another tornado a month later killed four boys at the Little Sioux Boy Scout Ranch in western Iowa.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.