The National Hurricane Center is tracking three named tropical systems and two other areas for tropical development. None pose a threat to Acadiana or Louisiana.

Closest to home is a tropical disturbance in the central Gulf of Mexico. A broad area of low pressure is producing showers and storms along with stronger winds. The NHC has designated this area as Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine as it is forecasted to become a tropical storm. Models are consistent with a westward track toward south Texas where much of the impacts will be felt. The next names on the list are Harold and Idalia.

Tropical Storms Emily, Franklin, and Gert all formed over the weekend. Franklin is located in the Caribbean Sea this morning but a hard northerly turn is expected, which will bring significant impacts to the Island of Hispaniola before this system heads out into the Atlantic and away from land. Emily and Gert will stay in the open waters of the Atlantic throughout their lifespan.

Out further in the eastern Atlantic is another tropical wave. This wave has a 70% chance for tropical development in the next 7 days. Fortunately, any system that develops would stay well away from land.