We’ve continued to see storms each afternoon across the area, some of which have been strong. These storms have produced heavy downpours, frequent lightning, small hail, and gusty winds.

We’ve seen a few microbursts across the area since Sunday, which are areas of rapidly descending air from collapsing thunderstorms, which produce very strong wind gusts. This is due to cold, dry air aloft, associated with an upper-level trough, which continues to sit over the area and add to the instability in the atmosphere. This instability is the same reason we’ve seen small hail in some of these thunderstorms.

The same weather pattern looks to remain in place through the end of the week and the weekend. Storm chances will remain in the 30-50% range each afternoon with highs in the lower 90s.

There is finally a change coming next week. This trough will begin to make progress further eastward. In its place, a ridge of high pressure will move in. High pressures this time of year promote sinking air, which reduces storm activity and increases temperatures. We’ll likely see highs in the mid-90s next week with rain chances going down into the isolated 10-20% range.