As we move through the month of May, our weather is becoming more tropical in nature. This means our weather pattern is influenced more by the Gulf of Mexico, sea breezes, and southeasterly flow from the Gulf, rather than westerly and northwesterly winds and jet streams from the north. Of course, this limits the number of fronts we see. Models attempt to move a front into the area by the end of next week, but these fronts, if they actually do move through, would be weak and barely noticeable. With that being said, we will remain stuck in this summer pattern through much of next week and likely beyond that.

This means conditions are expected to be hot and muggy each day. Highs will range from 88-92 degrees each afternoon through next weekend. Isolated storm chances are also expected each afternoon through the weekend and into next week. Isolated means storms will only cover around 20-30% of the area during the day. Storms could become more scattered (40-50%) later next week as a weak front tries to move into the area.