(KLFY) The National Weather Service (NWS) in Lake Charles has concluded its storm survey and has determined that two tornadoes touched down across Acadiana on Sunday.

One of the tornadoes was in Allen parish, rated an EF1 with winds of 100 mph. This one occurred near Oakdale and Oberlin. Its path length was 4.3 miles and it was 25 yards wide. This tornado began at 5:41pm five miles southwest of Oakdale and concluded at 5:49pm seven miles south of Oakdale.

The most notable tornado was the Richard/Church Point tornado in Acadia parish.

This one was rated an EF3 with winds of 150 mph. Its path length was 4 miles and it was 100 yards wide. This tornado caused nine injuries and one fatality. It began five miles northwest of Church Point at 8:34pm and concluded one mile northwest of Church Point at 8:41pm.

The tornado picked one home off its pilings and threw it 50 yards to its south, according to the NWS. The survey also found four other mobile homes were destroyed, including two which were flipped in the air and separated from their frame. Another rolled over the top of an SUV, and the fourth was pulled off its blocks and had significant structural damage.