Pres. Trump vows to protect gun rights


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — President Donald Trump told the National Rifle Association Conference in Indiana he’s committed to protecting their freedoms while taking action to protect Americans from gun violence. 

“It’s under assault, but not while we’re here,” President Trump said. “Through stop school violence grants, we are helping local schools and police departments to hire more officers, train more teachers and address more warning signs of mental illness.”

The NRA has backed President Trump, and the president took the opportunity to do some campaigning, warning against voting for his Democratic opponents. 

“They especially want to take away your guns, you better get out there and vote,” President Trump said. 

But Democrats like Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia say they’re certain Americans want lawmakers to do more to address gun violence. 

Sen. Kaine says lawmakers have failed to pass gun laws for too long; he’s confident the Democratic-controlled House can help change that.

“I think the House is now poised to pass meaningful legislation to promote gun safety,” Sen. Kaine said. 

Shannon Watts, from ‘Moms Demand Action,’ says passing commonsense gun laws are a top priority for voters like her. 

“Really on this issues, Donald Trump is the odd man out,” she said.

But the NRA audience would strongly disagree.

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