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Lawn and Garden – Spot 4 Weeds – TV220

Chastant Brothers presents Your Lawn and Garden. Acadiana it’s time for another edition of Your Lawn and Garden. John Chastant you told me this was going to be about controlling weeds, no I want to kill them I want to smash them I don’t want to see weed one, help us out brother. 

Alright I have this dry product Roundup dry pack and it has two chemicals in it di-quad also works very quickly way quicker than just round up okay? And what I do with this and you can also is spot hit like in the garden if I have a week coming up I just spot hit just on the weed. Don’t spray your vegetables anything like that. You can do it on a calm day you can do that but if you want to use it around the fence for all the weeds you have out there go ahead and spray that around your fence keep it will keep it clear what I like by the end of the day it starts wilting very very very quick yes great product also I have products that have been out forever which is the organic way to approach weeds in your garden or around your fence again spot hitting even is organic if you hit your plan, you’re going to kill it you know so you don’t want to do that. You just spot hit where your weeds are. It’s two products I have magnesium sulfate which is Epsom salt and you mix that with what I have right there is vinegar it’s not regular strength vinegar this is.

I was about to say can I just go into the kitchen and get some vinegar?

Yea it would still work but you would have to use more of it this is a 20% vinegar okay and it’s about the strongest you can get and it works well you mix those two chemicals together with I think it’s a cup of whatever of dishwashing soap bottle of Dove whatever you have and make it stick on the leaf so you have no residual here nothing to go into the soil and it’s completely organic for people who want to do it that way but it will kill whatever you touch you still have to be very careful it.
Alright pretty interesting so if you want to do more than just control weeds you want to smash them, kill them, head on over to Chastant Brothers.
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