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Acadiana time for another edition of your lawn and garden, John Chastant here. Ok we gotta kill this, we want to fertilize this, life is so complicated. Simplify it for us John.

Well we have products that have both products in there, the fertilizer and the weed killers. We have this one right here St. Augustine weed and feed. Now you’ve got to make sure what lawns these can be used on and we can give the advice and tell you. Like this product right here can’t be used on bermuda but it can be used on St. Augustine and other lawns. Now if you’re not sure i have another product right here the Hi-Yield weed and feed you can use on any lawn. It may not kill some weeds that this one does but its still a good product. People that want to just fertilize say they don’t have any weed problem, I have this fertilizer that we make at the store. It’s an 18-9-9 slow release nitrogen so you don’t have to worry about burning your lawn and works great. It covers about 100 by 50 area a bag and does a great job.

Wait did you just say some people don’t have any problems with weeds?

Yeah some people don’t have a big lawn, some of them pluck them out themselves so they don’t have much of a problem some of them. Then I have the liquid or the granular weed killers that are concentrated that you mix with water and spread on your lawn. Some people just have weeds on half of thier lawn so theres no reason to put it everywhere. I have the product Celsius which is a commercial product. Works great but somebody that has an acre say lawn or something, thats what you want to go with. That one basically gets all the lawns. For people in town I have the Atrazine and the Weed Zone and if you combine them together and mix them its a good spray and it gets 90% of your weeds when you’re spraying it. Still you have to be careful with the Atrazine on bermuda.

Whats the deal with bermuda?

I don’t know why but tough like it is but it browns it. It doesn’t really kill it just browns it. Everybody wants a green lawn but you do that you’ll have a pretty lawn.

Alright so hey if you want to simplify your life when it comes to your lawn and garden head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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