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Acadiana time yet for another edition of your lawn and garden. Talking about pests, I see you looking at me at the corner of my eye when I say pests. Alright we’re going to be talking about pesticides, believe it or not bees are considered to be pests?

Not all bees, not your honey bees we’re not talking about that. This is a wood boring bee so they don’t make any honey. You want to get rid of them because they are drilling into the wood of your fence, your home, especially unpainted lumber or lumber that needs to be painted they will attack first. Not something freshly painted but they’ll get under homes and everything. They’ll just drill holes all over the place look like a shotgun.

They’re worthless then?

True, very much so. We have this product called demon that’ll knock them down. You can spray the outside of your home, under the house, wherever they are this product works. I mean they’ll even get in the bench. I had at one time a wooden bench they were drilling holes in. So you can spray all that with this. Also we’re having problems with all kind of insects in the flower bed and your trees things like that. Right now is a good time to start spraying your camellias, azaleas and all that for insects theyre out right now. We have several products, I have this Drench right here that works well. You put it out in a sprinkler can, you can put it right at the trunk of your azalea or your camellia and it last a year. You’re not spraying you just put it in there so you’re not inhaling it. Works great, you can put it on trees as well. Then I have the 38-Plus which is a product that you put in the hose in sprayer that we have there and just spray the lawn, the trees, whereve you’re having a problem with insects. Then we have this oil spray if you want to stay organic which works by smothering insects. So you can spray again your camallias and all that if you want to keep them shiny and looking good the oil spray works great. At the same time that you’re doing all this in the yard your weeds are growing all over the place.

Of course!

So I recommend the pine needles right here work great just pile it on top you know you want to have it at least four inches and you won’t have a weed problem.

So now is the time to get a headstart on pesticide/insecticide?

Definitely, they start off now they’re out there and if you get them early you’re not going to have as bad of a problem later.

Alright so get the jump on those pests. Head on over to Chastant Brothers

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