Alright Acadiana time for another edition of Your Lawn and Garden. Today we’re talking about termites. Termites eat wood. 


Yeah? You don’t have a shed or something around your house.

Touche, continue on it’s your show brother.

This is a professional product right here and it works great. It’s a concentrate product to go around your slab or if you’re off the ground you on piers you go around each one of them and especially if you dig a trench around your slab or whatever six inches deep four inches wide something like that and pour it on you get more years that this would last.

That actually helps.

Oh yea, definitely, much longer, you can get up to ten twenty years doing it that way versus spraying it on top now if you have a shovel against your house digging like some people do and you break that seal then the termites can come in there so you never want to dig against you slab.

Termites are that smart? 

Oh yea they are smart.

Now we also have other pests besides termites we have the wood ants we have the wood bees
And also carpenter bee is there a difference?

No it’s the same thing

And we have these two products right here Thirty-eight Plus and the Viper and the Viper can be used in or outdoors but the Thirty-eight Plus just as an outdoor label but it takes care of mosquitoes also many other insects is a great product where your viper will get hard to kill insects like spiders things like that. 

Now do you have to spray the whole structure? 

For termites not the whole structure?

No the for the killer bees.
Wherever they are usually they working on areas where it needs to be painted. It might still have paint on it but if its something thats freshly painted, usually they don’t play with it. They can, they can but normally they don’t. I also have his products Sure Tech at the end right here which is a surfactant and a pH buffer.

Wait wait wait, surfactant?

Surfactant like soap okay. And it has that it changes your pH of your water like Lafayette water might be an eight or more but this will bring it down to at least a seven so all your chemicals will work three times longer than without it.

Just in one difference from an eight to a seven? 

Right, seven is neutral but an eight is out of range. So what happens is it still works at an eight but it doesn’t last as long when you’re spraying. You might only get a day out of it versus some of these products that Thirty-Eight Plus you can get two weeks out of it but the Sure Tech is a great product on anything that you use it makes it stick to your leaves you know better so you got a better control if using a weed killer bug killer whatever stick to the lawn better so a better lasting result.

Alright so if you want to control or basically take care of the termites all the way to the carpenter bees these products will work. Alright and you’re going to find them at Chastant Brothers. For tips and previous episodes log on to klfy.com and click on Lawn and Garden brought to you by Chester Brothers Incorporated on Pinhook Road in Lafayette.

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