Acadiana time for another edition of your Lawn and Garden. Today we’re going to spray you with some information. John Chastant we have sprayers that require a battery?

Well yes sir, the people that have an acre or better they want to spray, we have this electric sprayer right here that’ll hook behind your riding lawn mower, 4-wheeler or whatever. Some people if they have a wagon put a battery in there and just hook it to that roll it around and go. 

I never realized that makes it so simple. Now again, your talking an acre maybe even more?

Yeah or some people even less use them. Say if they have a lot of shrubbery they want to spray with a fungicide or insecticide. You know a lot of camellias or something, they’ll use it also.

Alright now lets step it down just a little ok.

Ok we have this sprayer right here from Chapin, its a great sprayer, we sell all the parts on it. So you buy this one it’ll last you forever you know we just change the parts.

Come on!

Awe yeah! It works well it takes more chemicals you can put into it without decaying the O rings or anything like that. So I mean they work well and like I said its easy to get the parts we have them all. 

Alright now if we’re looking for something that’s just going to last maybe two or three years 

This is the sprayer for you right here. This inexpensive sprayer right here. We don’t have parts on it but I mean you just throw them away. They will last two years or better and they work well but you can’t change all the parts so you just throw them when you’re finished. But great sprayer, works well.

Alright what about some people want to take care of some items in the tree

Yes you need to get some distance so you can get twenty five – thirty feet with this hose in sprayer that you hook to your hose. You put your chemical in it and it’ll spray up to thirty feet. You take the tip off so it comes out like a straight stream and you’ll spray it real quickly with that.

Alight lets get back to this over here, O rings inside of a sprayer? Talk about technology.

Well yeah, I mean thats how you end up pumping it up and getting pressure in there.

So some of the chemicals you actually put in they will eat away at a cheaper or “my” sprayer?

Yes definite yeah thats why you want to wash them out everytime they’ll last longer.

Alright and again something like the Chapin, you change out the parts maybe every year that could last you a lifetime?

Oh yeah definitely like I said unless you don’t break the sprayer itself it’ll last you forever. 

Alright, you want to check out the different types of sprayers head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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