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Roundabout to replace traffic signal in Milton


The DOTD installed a traffic signal at a busy Milton intersection late last year, but regional planners say the traffic light is not a permanent fix.

MILTON, La. (KLFY) – The DOTD put up a traffic signal at LA 92 E. Milton Avenue and LA 733 E. Broussard Road in November 2018. 

“It helps a little bit,” said Marshall Hebert of Cade. “Stops accidents. Stops the accidents and keeps things a little safer.” 

The Metropolitan Planning Organization said something had to be done. 

“A lot of left turn crashes. A lot of heavy traffic on 92 so now by putting up the signal it helps mitigate that because it puts in a protected phase for people to make those left turns,” explained Ashley Moran of the Metropolitan Planning Organization. 

Lighthouse Market chevron opened at the intersection in January – two months after the light went up. 

Employee Megan Brunet said drivers try to cut through the parking lot when traffic backs up. 

“If we get busy here and there’s traffic backed up, our parking spaces are taken up from everybody trying to exit that way and that way,” she said. 

The MPO said the traffic signal was always meant to be a temporary fix.  

There was a deadly crash at the intersection in February 2015 and there have been several other serious crashes over the years.  

In June, the DOTD approved the MPO’s request for safety funding to build a new roundabout at the intersection. 

The roundabout will cost $2.6 million. 

“I like roundabouts. I’m from Youngsville, that’s where I live. We have two roundabouts and it’s more convenient than waiting for a light and holding up traffic,” Brunet said. 

“That’s going to just keep the flowing going,” Hebert said of the proposed roundabout. “It’s made it a lot easier going through Youngsville too with the roundabouts so it’s working out.”  

And removing the traffic signal won’t be a problem. 

“The signals are actually surprisingly portable. The signals and the signal equipment. It seems like it’s a sunk cost it will be there forever but no it’s fairly portable,” Moran said. 

We should note that the traffic light will be there for a while. 

The roundabout isn’t expected to be built until 2022. 

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