Alright Acadiana John Chastant, we’re changing up the name this morning, Your Lawn and Garden and Ponds. 

Correct yes.

Alright hey a lot of people have ponds in their backyard.

A lot of people do it’s a nice activity the people of doing today building ponds and all that it’s real nice.

So it’s more than just digging a hole? 

No it’s a lot of upkeep ya know ya want to keep it clear, keep the weeds down you know the algae is another thing that grows in there and takes over overnight so. 

That quickly?

Oh yea some people saint it out okay, next day it’s all back. 

Are you serious? Okay so what do we do to get rid of it.

Well for the algae I have this copper sulfate and I have other products in the store but this is one and one of the best. Yous distribute it out in the pond usually a quarter of the amount per day in the park.

What about for the little fishies?

It doesn’t bother them.

Go head!

What would would bother them is if you put it all out at one time it messes up the oxygen if you have a lot of other weeds in there that you’re killing at one time. But if you do it like I said do a quarter a day it’ll get the algae and a lot of other weeds you have in there. I also have a liquid that product is di-quad right here it’s called tsunami and you can spray on your lilies to alligator weed different things like that that grow in there to uhh to kill it. We also have products that have Roundup in it that you’re approved for the fish pond that you put out there that will help also especially around the grasses you might have bermuda growing into the pond you want to keep it clean and do that. After you have it completely clean clear of weeds and everything then you want to go with his pain die and what it does this one makes it more of a bluish color I guess.

Then we also have the black witch it would be the normal color you know of a pond. You know so what it does it shades the weeds and everything from growing they’re not going to grow and it makes the water look good okay?

Thats awesome.

At the same time and it lasts you sometimes three-four once you know once you put it in. You know you put a gallon per acre I’d say. 


Depending on how deep it is, if it’s 20 foot deep you might have to put two gallons but we also have fertilizer if you have a new pond or something like that especially you  have fertilizer to get a bloom you want to have algae stuff like that grow on the sides of the pond and that helps keep it clear to certain point but you don’t want it too clear because too many weeds so that’s why you go with the dye.

Okay so let’s back up first of all you have fertilizer like for your lawn and garden but there’s also like you need to like fertilize the water?


Right I mean your fertilizing the water but it’s going into the soil also
and then you getting organisms growing to help clear the pond out you know. It uhh especially muddy water and things like that we have different products if it’s really cloudy if you have a fairly new pond we have products to put in there to help clear it up.

So you’re okay with the new name Lawn and Garden and Ponds for this?

Sounds good to me.

Alright so if you want a better looking lawn, garden, or pond head on over to Chastant Brothers.  

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